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Second Grade Word Play

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Second Grade Kids Word Play is a set of 200+ exercises with 300+ words for 7-8 year old kids to practice reading and comprehension by playing games. Images and spoken words help advance kids' learning. • 7-8 year old kids practice reading and comprehension skills• Learn to read longer words by breaking words into syllables.• Solve crosswords puzzles to learn synonyms, antonyms, tenses, plurals, contractions, compound words• Play sight words memory game. Spell tough words.• No third-party ads, No in-app purchasing and No data collection.
The games are -
* Syllables Kids split a word into its syllables by drawing lines on the screen. They can press the hint button to hear the syllables in the word.
* Sight Words Kids match grade level sight words in a memory game by tapping on cards.
* Spelling Kids practice spelling tough to spell words such as those with vowel combinations, r-controlled vowels, silent letters, digraphs, soft c etc.
* Crosswords Kids practice their word comprehension by playing a crosswords game designed for their age. The hints are based on synonyms, antonyms, tenses, word meanings, plurals, rhymes, contractions, word endings, word beginnings, compound words, comparatives and superlatives.
Our StoryWhen we looked for apps to help teach our kids, we couldn't find any that were good. One was just information text for the kids to learn by rote. Another was multiple-choice tests - just press buttons. A third had 2 sound-tracks and 4 animations running all at the same time. How was a kid supposed to focus?
So, we designed and built them games - that teach in the way parents and teachers explain concepts, and engage in the way playing does.